Welcome Back!

We’re so excited to welcome you back to another amazing year of recognizing and rewarding your top employees! It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway… we’re humbled and honored that you chose MyEmployees again as your partner to help make it happen.

As you enter this new season, we’re renewing our commitment to your success. This post has some important tips for starting a new year with your program, along with a few refreshers on the recognition basics.

These are the things we suggest you do right away to make for smooth sailing into your new program year:

1 – Everything look good?

First, unpack your box when it arrives to make sure everything looks perfect. If you renewed a few months before last year’s supply of plaques run out, it could be months before we find out there was some issue with the new set.

Naturally, we don’t anticipate that there will be any problem, but just in case, we’d much prefer to make everything right for you sooner rather than later.

2 – Time to update selection criteria?

Often, the goals you had at the start of last year’s program may not be the goals at the start of this year’s program. Especially if those goals were met!

Gather the management team and decide if it’s time to freshen up the selection criteria for your monthly winners. Maybe it’s time to add a new category… Maybe it’s time to focus on a new company initiative… Maybe it’s time to eliminate something that didn’t work out the way you’d originally hoped…

Whatever the case, take this time to evaluate the scope of the program. Then, make the necessary adjustments for the new year. Also, talk to your Engagement Coach. He or she will have a ton of tools and resources available for you to help with this.

3 – Update your Engagement Coach

If there’s anything your Engagement Coach needs to know about your new program, feel free to reach out with an update. You might want to change the main contact at your location for your program, or add your personal email/phone number for easier contact. Maybe you just want to say, “Hello!”

If there were any problems with the program last year, we definitely want to know that so we can take steps to eliminate them. What worked great and what were some of the challenges?

Whether that had to do with something you needed from us, or something in the way the program worked in your business, talk with your EC about some possible solutions. Whatever you need, your EC is happy to help you.

Back to the Basics

Now that you’re starting a new year, it’s a good time to look back at some of the employee recognition basics. There may be some things you didn’t get to when you first started, or some things you want to do differently this time around. Take a look at some of our most popular blog posts for new and rekindled ideas:

How to Start an Employee of the Month Program

start an employee of the month program
Hands Pointing at Blueprint

Lots of great leaders are just looking for a little guidance. Start an employee of the month program on the right foundation and it will be a success. We answer your employee recognition questions in our 3 part series “The 3 R’s of Employee Recognition Done Right.” With 3 key focus points, you learn how to start an employee of the month program that will be a winner.

Read all about it at How to Start an Employee of the Month Program.

Employee of the Month Presentation Essentials

Why do some leaders kill it with the employee of the month presentation while others completely drop the ball? The answer is in mastering three key essentials.

Remember, taking a pic and posting it to social media has grown to be an enormous benefit to enhancing your awards presentations.

Find out all about those 3 keys at Employee of the Month Presentation Essentials.

Picking Your Employee of the Month with the Right Criteria

Picking employee of the month is not a popularity contest. Instead, look at your company’s objectives and use them as selection criteria. As a result, your employee of the month program skyrockets your results, inspires your employees, and turns your clients into raving fans.

Go deeper on criteria at Picking Your Employee of the Month with the Right Criteria.

Then, now, and in the future…

With a little planning, refining, and open communication, you are set up to have your best year yet. Again, we’re so happy to be working with you again this year, and look forward to being a part of your employee recognition plan for many years to come!

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