Positivity in the Pandemic with Kris Meents from Cracker Barrel [Video Interview]

When life hands you lemons… well, you know the rest. It’s a lesson in positivity and maintaining a forward-thinking mindset in the midst of trouble and tribulation. Could there be a more appropriate time to reflect on that than the situation we find ourselves in during the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown?

It’s especially true if you’re running a restaurant. Few industries have been impacted like full serve and casual dining establishments. There are also tremendous stories coming out of the restaurant industry of perseverance, adaptation, and the power of positivity.

Our Marketing Director, Matthew Coleman, had the chance to speak with Kris Meents, General Manager of Cracker Barrel in Auburn, IN. Kris shares insights into the power of positivity in the pandemic, and how that mindset is helping his team, and himself, navigate the current circumstance.

Kris talks about how impressed he’s been with the attitudes of everyone on his team. Management is stepping up to the plate, and taking on expanded roles as leaders in the organization. Employees understand what’s at stake and are willing to take a temporary step back for the greater good.

Even the guests and patrons, who are more like family than customers, check in on the team when they come by to pick up their orders. It’s an environment of mutual respect and support where everyone shares the burden of responsibility.

Because of the way the leadership team is handling the situation, both employees and guests feel reassured that everything is going to be OK. It will be different… it will be new… but it will be OK.

“We’re doing it together… we’re gonna figure it out…. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Check out the full video interview, and share this example of positivity with others to remind them that even in the face of crisis, we can come together and rise above.

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