“It’s definitely unified the team a lot more”

We’re excited to share yet another outstanding client story. This time, we spoke with client Michaela Gatewood, who is the GM of Fairfield Inn located in Clovis, NM.

Michaela focuses on recognizing and rewarding employees on her staff who are “extra helpful and hardworking”. When deciding who will receive Employee of the Month, she and her management team evaluate which associates give the most effort and value over the course of a month. Nominations made by employees (peer-to-peer) are also taken into consideration.

One benefit Michaela notices due to her consistency recognizing high performing employees, is that a different employee wins each month. Michaela has made the commitment to giving credit where it’s due, and because of this, a different employee steps up and improves their work each month. She says, “everybody wants to be in that spot” being recognized for doing a great job.

Michaela mentioned how she and her associates thrive off of verbal acknowledgment and validation of a job well done. “It’s been nice because they’re getting verbal confirmation, not just from management, but from their team, too.”

Click the play button below and listen to the full audio clip of what Michaela had to say.

Hats off to you, Michaela. You’re an exemplary leader, and your team has become more unified because of your conscious decision to show the folks on your staff the appreciation they deserve.

What’s your story?

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