“I would encourage anybody that asked about it to utilize it because I think it’s a great program”

Randall Dworaczyk is the GM of Fairfield Inn & Suites located in Cuero, Texas. Randall has been working with us for the past three years and he has nothing but good things to say about our work together.

We spoke with Randall this past month and he gave some great feedback about his experience using our program. One of the initial comments Randall makes in this testimonial is that he enjoys being reminded to choose a winner each month. This is made possible by the engagement coaches we provide through our recognition program.

Randall has noticed his staff taking further ownership and pride in their work. “They have to push themselves to do really well and when they do, you get that immediate feedback from them.”

You can listen to the full audio clip of Randall’s comments, or read the transcript of the call below.

It’s great to hear stories every week of how managers like Randall are utilizing our program to achieve awesome results with their team. We’re just as excited as our clients when commitment leads to improvement and achievement.

Here’s the transcript from Randall’s call

Overall, it’s going great. We’re in year 3 of utilizing the program. Now I do know through our old management company, there were other hotels that were utilizing you all as well. So it pinged to us through them, and it’s a wonderful program. It’s easy, which is nice. I usually get a reminder, I’m reminded to pick someone’s name. I really enjoy the program. 

It’s a great way to incentivize and recognize the associates who are doing an outstanding job. It’s a way for them to be able to carry something home with them that means something. I, myself, over the course of a couple of years working here, before I was a GM, had received that honor and had gotten one. I have them hung on the wall, so it’s a neat program, it’s really nice. 

The staff takes ownership and pride in what they do, knowing that they’re recognized for their hard work. Of course, we utilize the shoutouts, so it strictly peer-driven. It really does make it to where they have to push themselves to do really well and when they do, you get that immediate feedback from them. 

We’ve seen a boost in morale, overall, just by having the program in and of itself. I’ve got multiple options and I think everything you all do is driven to recognize my employees as much as I want to recognize them. My feedback to you is always going to be positive because I don’t have any complaints at all.

The plaques are nice, I really like them. Very professional-looking, easy to hang, small and unobtrusive, yet bold enough that they’re noticeable – no complaints there. The fact that we’re able to both recognize them with something they can take home and also put their name on the big board. 

So at the end of the year, we utilize those that have been chosen for employee of the month to determine who’s going to be the employee of the year. Having their names on that plaque that all the guests can see is a motivating factor for them and lets them know that we care, which we do. So that’s the way it works, and it’s been working great since we started it.

If you put in the hard work you receive the rewards and benefits that come from that. I enjoy the recognition because there have been tons of places I’ve worked at over the years where you’re hardly recognized in any way whatsoever, much less a plaque you can take home and memorialize your hard work, so it’s a great program… 

You spend one-third of your life at work, so why not have some sort of physical reward system in place that you can carry along with you that lets people know you do a great job and you take a lot of pride in what you do. This particular system works well with that philosophy. I would encourage anybody that asked about it to utilize it because I think it’s a great program.

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