Happiness Sells: How to Increase Retail Sales

Most of us have been there. You’re shopping for something and you get a salesperson who seems to be having a bad day. The person is not smiling and barely even speaks to you as they process your transaction. You’ve probably also had the opposite experience; a salesperson is smiling, and you leave feeling better than when you came in.

In the first scenario, you pretty much just want to get your item and leave. In the second, you’re more likely to buy something else and be a return customer.

How happiness increases retail sales

When your sales force is happy, it does more than just make your customers feel good. It also sells more products. It’s no secret that promoting employee happiness benefits everyone.

According to research in Shawn Achor’s The Happiness Advantage, when employees are happier, there is a 37% increase in retail sales. Plus, employees are 20% more productive and customers are more loyal. After all, wouldn’t you want to go back to a store if it had a happy vibe?

When your sales force is happy and engaged, it does more than just make your customers feel good. It also sells more products.

Make employees happy with employee recognition

So how do you get your employees to be happier? It comes down to making them feel valued.

A great way to let your employees know how much you appreciate them is to set up an effective salesperson or employee of the month program focused on recognition.

Recognition tips for retail employees

There are many ways that a company can recognize and reward retail employees.

One of the easiest and best ways is simply to say “thank you.” When you tell an employee that you appreciate how they handled a difficult customer, for example, it helps that employee feel better about the interaction.

Also, you should always be specific when complimenting your employees. Don’t just say “nice work.” Say, “I really liked how you handled it when the customer wanted to return that sweater with the stain on it.”

Here’s a great video that shows how you can create an employee recognition program to increase retail sales and improve customer satisfaction.

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Going beyond the numbers

Along with sales and metrics-based awards, consider offering appreciation awards that aren’t tied to financial achievements. Effort, attitude and going the extra mile deserve recognition, too. When you focus on activity instead of results, you will motivate employees to keep doing those things.

The bottom line is this: you create happy employees when you recognize them, letting them know their contribution matters and that you appreciate them.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a team of employees who go the extra mile, not because you’re making them do it but because they want to. Job satisfaction becomes part of the reason employees come to work every day. That translates into a happier workplace, happier customers and more sales. That’s enough to make anyone happy.

For more ideas on how employee recognition can increase retail sales, and to see how some of our clients in a few other industries do it, check out the video at 24 Insider Secrets That Improve Employee Recognition Success.

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