Employee Awards Titles

Choosing the right award title for your employee of the month program will get your program started in the right direction. And whether you run a 15 employee restaurant, or a 300+ employee big box store, you need to pick the right awards titles.

Getting started

MyEmployees works with 9,323+ managers across America (just like you) to help them recognize their employees. Choosing the right awards title to recognize their employees with a plaque or acrylic prism is one of the first steps to having a successful recognition program.

Learning what other companies have used to make their companies successful will help you cut learning curve of using recognition in your business down to a few weeks instead of months or years.

Customized for your industry

Many of our clients use very similar award titles based on their industry. Our program works across all industries. And besides printing your custom logo on the prisms and plaques, one of the other aspects of our program that is highly customizable is the awards title.

Here is a basic overview of titles used the industries we work with


  • Employee of the Month
  • Associate of the Month


  • Front of the House Employee of the Month
  • Back of the House Employee of the Month


  • Front of the House Employee of the Month
  • Heart of the House Employee of the Month


  • Caregiver of the Month
  • Resident of the Month


  • Employee of the Month
  • Superstar of the Month
  • Rockstar of the Month

Customized for your goals


What we like to see from our clients is them picking criteria that helps their business be successful. When you tie the recognition to what makes your business successful, your ROI will skyrocket and pay the program will pay for itself.

We tell our clients all the time, they need to recognize what they want to see increased. If you want to increase a certain category, you want to use an award title that motivates your team to want and desire that award. And they will do whatever it takes to earn it.

A made up example

Everyone hates paperwork. But if you want to decrease the time it takes for paperwork to be completed, track that metric religiously. At the the end of the month, you will know exactly who has the best time. You can use this as ONE of your criteria for an award, or you can make it its own award and give it a specific name. ie. “Paperwork Ninja of the Month”

A few real world examples.

We work with several hundred McDonald’s across America. Their customer service survey score is called their “VOICE Score”.

Obviously, managers want to improve this area, so they pick “Voice Superstar of the Month” as one of their titles for their restaurants.

We help almost 25% of the Wal-marts in the US enhance their corporate program “Happy To Help”. They usually recognize 5 employees at each location with this award.

Consider an award title that embraces a corporate program that is already started in your business.

We help over 500 Brookdale Senior Living facilities recognize an employee and resident each month. They have a corporate “Everyday Hero of the Month” program with it’s own logo that we put on their awards.

Final thoughts

You can be creative, but if you get stuck we can help!

Watch and listen to our COO, Adam Tartt, show you how we can customize your employee recognition program, then schedule a 15 minutes conversation with an expert in employee recognition.

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