Celebrating Our Company Culture – March 2020

Once a month, everyone in the company gathers together for a day of celebration and personal development. Here are some of the highlights that make this a special gathering every month.

1 year Cancer-FREE!

March 11 was an especially wonderful day because not only did we celebrate team excellence, but we also got to celebrate 1 year cancer-free anniversary with our very own Marykay Washington!

Happy Birthday, fellas!

No monthly celebration is complete without the awkward chorus of “Happy Birthday,” while trying to squeeze too many names into the song and verse.


Shout out to Burney’s for providing the glazed croissants for breakfast! Nothing says let’s get fired up for a meeting quite like jelly filled pastries.

Book Club

Every Wednesday we gather together for book club. We’re still working through our latest curriculum: Insane Productivity by Darren Hardy.

It’s a video course, with an accompanying workbook, and fits in nicely with our theme of personal development.

Employee of the Month

And the headlining event… the Employee of the Month ceremony!

Congratulations to all of our winners for the month of January! Your performance has earned you top honors, and they are all well-deserved!

See you next month!

A huge “THANK YOU!” goes out to everyone who had a hand in making our March event a success. We appreciate each and every one of our team members, and always welcome the chance to gather to gather and celebrate excellence!

See you next month!!!

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