Caring for Caregivers: Leadership in Senior Care & Home Care

It’s easy to get sucked into a pandemic-management mindset if your daily habits dwindle to just checking the boxes and keeping the business afloat.

While maintaining the standards/conditions of your business is important, seasoned senior and home care leaders know the caregivers on your team determine your real success. That’s what makes someone a great LEADER. 

Most senior and home care leaders maintain the status quo by focusing on the list of responsibilities laid out for them in their job description. 

High performing senior and home care leaders go above and beyond. They “raise the bar” and take steps to improve every single day.

Developing leadership skills means being people-oriented, not just tactics-oriented. As a championship-level leader, you genuinely care about the PEOPLE on your team, and you show those individuals you care.

Share your experiences

Your perspective on patient and client service, attention to industry regulations, and sensitivity to care needs are helpful insights to share with team members. Use your experiences to train and coach them. 

You know the ins and outs of your business and goals. Leverage this personal experience by sharing it with your caregivers as learning opportunities. There’s a lesson in every story.

Reflect on your career journey with your organization. You worked hard to get where you are. How would it have felt to get more guidance from your leaders on your way up? Put yourself in your caregivers’ shoes. Think about the impact of your stories from a relationship standpoint. Relationships are built on shared experiences. The same is true for how you interact with your team.

Remember to Self-Evaluate… often

Yes, you’re a senior and home care executive and you’ve got the name badge to prove it. You still need to self-evaluate and ask yourself this question: “Am I a leader?” 

Strong leaders never stop learning. They look for ways to improve their leadership skills, as well as ways to stay on the cutting edge of innovation. What books are you reading? What online courses are you taking? What influencers are you watching for tips and tricks?

Strong leaders also continually train, develop and invest in their team. How much does it cost to tell someone they’re doing great work? Can you put a price tag on encouraging and motivating your hardest working caregivers? 

They’re looking up to you

At times like this, caregivers are looking to their leaders for guidance, direction, and even inspiration. Give them what they’re looking for!

Genuinely care about the people on your team, and take time to show them you care.  Share stories from your career path as a chance to connect with them; teach them from your personal experience. Always check yourself for growth and continuous improvement, and keep yourself in the leadership development mindset.

As a leader, you have a chance to create a culture of support and success.  Be the leader that every caregiver wants to come to work for. 

If you’d like to learn more about how we serve amazing senior and home care leaders just like you all over the country with a turn key caregiver recognition program, schedule a quick chat with one of our Account Executives HERE.

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