Motivation & Mindset: MyEmployees CEO, David Long, Interviews Golden Corral Rockstar Franchisee, Elri Parker

MyEmployees CEO, David Long, took the chance to sit down with Elri Parker, Rockstar Franchisee & owner of Golden Corral in Dothan, AL. Elri shares an amazing story about fortitude, overcoming obstacles (including being told he wasn’t a fit for the company!), and the power of mindset and motivation as we move forward into the … Read more

After the Layoffs: Keeping the Team Engaged

There’s no way to sugar coat it:  Layoffs suck. American unemployment is rocketing toward a record high. That means, in all likelihood, someone you know was recently let go from their job. You might even have cut staff yourself. If that’s the case, you’ve got a responsibility for the well-being of the team members who … Read more

Client Resources: COVID-19 Support

In an effort to support our clients who have been affected, and in some cases devastated, by COVID-19, we’ve compiled several industry-specific resources that may be useful in answering some questions. These guides include links to government, CDC, and industry-specific resources and are designed to be a quick reference guide. See below for your industry’s … Read more