5 Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Unrecognized

A company is only as good as its employees, which is why it is imperative for employers to ensure that they feel recognized and valued. In fact, our post on ‘Tips for the Right Way to Use Employee Recognition’ highlights that companies are increasingly using employee recognition programs to improve employee morale and promote workforce engagement.

Employees who feel valued for their work and recognized for their accomplishments can help you build a strong workplace culture that promotes productivity. On the other hand, an article by Steven Spatz points out that under appreciated employees tend to be less committed or inspired, which usually results in a high employee turnover rate that disrupts the business.

Here are some actions employers do that make their employees feel unrecognized:

Not Showing Gratitude

While it’s true that your employees are being paid to complete certain tasks, you should keep in mind that they are individuals who put a lot of work into what they do. So, whenever you notice them going the extra mile, make a habit to express your gratitude. Psychologist and author of “Your Wise Brain” Rick Hanson points out that people who receive thanks usually feel appreciated and valued by the person who showed them gratitude. In other words, a simple “Thanks” can go a long way in making your employees feel recognized.

Not Apologizing When Superiors Make Mistakes

Being a great boss doesn’t translate to being perfect, after all, everyone is human. So, whenever you make a mistake, own up to it and apologize regardless of how hard, embarrassing or insignificant it may seem. One effective way to apologize is by doing it sincerely and directly. If you caught yourself making a mistake in the moment, address it right then and there. If your action specifically affected someone, make time for a face-to-face apology.

Not Caring if Employees Enjoy Their Work or Not

When your employees aren’t motivated to go to the office and do their work, chances are you’re not caring enough if they enjoy their work or not — and this isn’t limited to just the traditional workplace. In an article by Marcus on ‘Andre Iguodala on Living in the Present’ the NBA veteran and multiple-time champion shared his thoughts on what he valued most from an employer, emphasizing the importance of enjoying the work environment. That said, one way to rekindle motivation is by genuinely asking (and listening) about how they feel about their job, applying changes where possible. Additionally, fostering an environment where employees feel comfortable enough to share their concerns when the need arises is equally important in order to address issues from the get-go.

Not Having Growth Opportunities

Your employees are your greatest weapon, which is why Forbes’ article on ‘13 Inexpensive But Effective Benefits That Keep Employees Happy’ suggests investing in your employees’ personal development and making growth opportunities available. You can hold regular discussions about career path options or offer further education options to let your employees know that you care for them and their career. This way, the company grows with the employees.

Not Celebrating Birthdays, Holidays, etc.

In the same way that you celebrate every company milestone, you should also celebrate notable events in the lives of your employees — like birthdays. The Balance’s article on the ‘Top 10 Ways of Showing Appreciation to Employees’ explains that occasions such as these, including the holidays, Halloween, Easter and many more, are great opportunities for you and your employees to bond over something other than work. You can also try creating a new tradition that could easily be tied to the end of the year or the founding date of your company. These traditions will not only lighten the mood of the office, but also bring everyone together.

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By Ashley Grayson

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